Wabamun Lake

Hoje descobrimos um lago com uma zona de recreação magnífica. Um espaço considerável com areia, para quem gosta de permanecer ao sol e perto da água do lago. Pode nadar, andar de barco e pescar. No local existem barcos para alugar. Uma extensa floresta circunda o lago, oferecendo áreas de descanso à sombra. Várias zonas para praticar desporto. Se desejar acampar pode usufruir do parque de campismo. Recomendo! O local é extremamente limpo.  Não fique em casa. Não leve os seus filhos para centros comerciais, sobretudo no Verão. Aqui, as crianças podem brincar livremente.


Wabamun Lake (sometimes spelled Wabumun) is one of the most heavily used lakes in Alberta, Canada. It lies 65 kilometres (40 mi) west of Edmonton, Alberta. It is 19.2 kilometres (11.9 mi) long and 6.6 kilometres (4.1 mi) narrow, covers 82 square kilometres (32 sq mi) and is 11 meters deep at its deepest(36 ft), with somewhat clear water.

Its name derives from the Cree word for mirror.

Wabamun was reputedly the best whitefish lake in the Edmonton area and is well known for its large northern pike. A large variety of migrating, breeding and moulting wildfowl visit the lake because heat emitted by the power stations at Wabamun, Sundance and Keephills provides year-round open water. Beaver and muskrat use the lake while the surrounding upland supports coyotes, porcupine, moose and white-tailed deer. There are also reported sightings of cougars and wolves and bears. Alberta Fish and Wildlife has confirmed that there have been wolf kills of cattle and sheep near Isle Lake (just northwest of Wabamun Lake). There are natural beaches along much of the shoreline, but emergent vegetation restricts their use. The most popular beaches for swimming are the artificially made one at the provincial park in Moonlight Bay, and the natural one at Seba Beach. [3] There are numerous recreational cottages along its shores. Several communities line the north shore of the lake, the largest being the Village of Wabamun. Rich coal deposits surrounding the lake have been mined by TransAlta for power plants it operates and that are cooled by lake water.

Development of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway greatly stimulated the local economy. Commercial fisheries used the railway to carry fish by box car to as far away as New York City. Seba Beach, a community at the lake's western edge, had a whitefish cannery, but this eventually shut down; the vacant building remains in the village. The railway urged summer tourists to visit from Edmonton. In winter, ice was cut to supply railway refrigeration cars. Coal was transported to a power generating plant in Edmonton, then later used for several power plants on the Wabamun Lake shore.